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Staging Your Home Checklist


Remove all clutter from the house:

  • Are countertops free and clear?

  • Have you removed unnecessary furniture throughout the house?

  • Remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator.

·  Check the bathrooms:

  • Are the surfaces clean and clear?

  • Are shower curtains and doors hung properly?

  • Is the flooring clean and fresh?

  • Are towels neatly hung?

·  Check the walls:

  • Is paint and wallpaper fresh and clean?

  • Are the walls free from holes?

  • Are there any colors or objects on the walls that need to be removed?

·  Check the floors:

  • Is the carpet clean and free from stains?

  • Are hard surface floors clean and free from stains?

·  Check windows and window coverings:

  • Are all the windows clean?

  • Are draperies and blinds clean?

·  Pet check:

  • Are there any signs that this is a pet's home? Be sure to clean and remove kitty litter, pet toys and bedding.

·  How's the aroma?

  • Try to air out the home prior to showings.

  • If air freshener is necessary, use well before showings as a consideration to those with allergies.

·  Set the mood prior to showings:

  • Open draperies and blinds.

  • Turn on the radio to a classical music station, set the volume on low.

  • If you have time, cook a batch of cookies to have the warm, welcoming aroma permeating the home.

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